When aircrafts are grounded, every minute counts to minimise the loss of revenue. We provide our ‘Aircraft on Ground’ service to airlines that are looking for time sensitive aircraft parts to be delivered to them urgently and safely, nationwide. 

Emergency AOG situations can arise from situations such as: unscheduled maintenance, an unforeseen event or lack of inventory which can cost airlines thousands every minute an aircraft is grounded. ADS are able to pick up the required aircraft part within 30 minutes (from Birmingham Airport) and deliver to any UK based airport as soon as possible, 24 hours, 7 days a week. We guarantee to deliver whichever parts are needed, from mini screws to aircraft wheels, which are all transported with safety, reliability and professionalism by our experienced dedicated team.

Every single AOG consignment is treated the same and are constantly monitored as our dedicated operations team is in constant contact with the driver at all times. We have methods in place that will highlight any potential traffic problems. This then allows us to plan an alternate route to ensure the AOG is delivered in the quickest possible time frame.

ADS have delivered a variety of aircraft parts, including tyres, screws and engines. Many leading airlines trust us to deliver their parts quickly and efficiently and this is testimony to our ethos at ADS.