Response for Frequent Queries

Due to the large supply of packages related to Corona, you may face a delay. Please contact customer services on +44 79731 83989 or email us at

The driver will first try to deliver the parcel to the recipient’s address. If they are not home, the driver will try to deliver it to the next-door neighbour. If they are not home either, the parcel will be taken to the nearest Pickup parcel shop. It can then be collected from there by the recipient the next day. The recipient will receive an email saying that they can collect the parcel from the Pickup parcel shop. The driver will always post a note through the letterbox saying where the parcel can be collected from. Did you not receive a 'not at home' note, please check the question about the not at home massage.

Business address If you are sending a parcel to a business address, the driver will attempt to deliver the parcel a maximum of three times. The last attempt will only take place by appointment. If it still was not possible to deliver the parcel, the parcel will send back to the sender.

If the consignee is not present, the driver will leave a notification in the consignee’s mailbox after the first delivery attempt. The notification explains the consignee’s options for receiving the parcel.

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How annoying! We understand that you are waiting for your parcel. You can contact one of our colleagues from Customer service by phone +44 79731 83989 (local costs) and they will help you.

ADS Logistics stores the personal data needed to deliver the parcels no longer than two years. After this period we extract the personal data from the process.

Are there legal obligations, which means we have to store the data longer? Or do we need the data longer because a claim has been submitted? Then we deviate from the two-year term. But if we can extract the personal data from our systems earlier, we will certainly do so. After all, ADS does not want to store longer than necessary.